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Hey all, whats up with the game? Lost interest? Done?
P - 88, bloodied, ongoing 5 damage, ongoing 5 poison damage
Erexsha and Elurin are both grabbed
((7 acid to Erexsha, 9 acid to Elurin))

Grinding tentacles tear through clothing and flesh, the touch burning.
((Erexsha, Elurin, go!))
P - 78, bloodied, ongoing 5 poison(save ends?) slowed

Erexsha is grabbed

((Erexsha, Elurin, go!))
P - 41

The acidic tentacles grind away at our heroes.
((Elurin, 8 acid damage, Erexsha, 10 acid damage))


((Elurin, Erexsha, go!))
P - 12
the tentaclebeast took its radiant damage last turn because it attacked
((Elurin, Erexsha, go!))

P represents the mass of tentacles bursting through the floor. The beast is still under the ground, but you can attack its tentacles as if it were topside.

((Elurin, Erexsha go! Erexhsa is grabbed))
1 - Elurin
2 - Erexsha
3 - Ghoul
4 - Baet


((Elurin, Erexsha, go!))

Roleplay: Long Story Short

You sold all your loot to the dwarf. Gendar took the art stuff. This nets you 2780 total. Split four ways it's 695gp each. Let me know if you buy anything with that.

The dwarf liked your stuff and he asked you to find his lost boar somewhere in the Labyrinth. Quest get!

Following the map you took from those tieflings who jumped you this morning, you travel to the Well of Demons, where the Blackfang Gnolls are holding the two remaining slaves.

As you enter, you see a large, square chamber. Five columns, three set near the room's corners and two in the middle of the chamber, rise up 15 feet to the ceiling. Each column has the face of a leering, fanged minotaur carved onto it. You notice a well in the southeastern corner of the room, and two passages lead away, one to the east, the other to the south.

Save vs Death

It's been a few weeks since my last post with no response. Are you all busy during the summer, or is the minutia within the Hall too boring for you? Where is everyone?