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Roleplay: The Business at Hand

The Deepgem Company is carved into the western wall of the Seven-Pillared Hall. Two large friezes in the shape of stern dwarf faces adorn the facade. Just inside you find an old dwarf with a face lined by both the years and scars of battle, polishing a brilliant mace. As you enter he looks up and nods curtly. "Welcome to the Deepgem Company, what can I do for you?"

Roleplay: Tension on Seven Pillars

Leaving the Ruins of Zaamduul's Palace, Terios stays silent, speaking only in hushed tones to Cat when she prods him. You encounter no trouble tracing your way back to the Seven-Pillared Hall. Once you arrive through the great gate Cat addresses the party.

"I hate to leave you guys in the lurch like this, but I've been talking with Terios and I've decided to help get him home. He lost his party, and he's still a little shaken up about the whole 'Palace' thing, so the least I can do is get him back to his tribe. I'll return here when I'm done and try to catch up with you all, I'm sure nothing will lay you low in that time."

As Cat is bidding you all farewell, you can see a small crowd is forming further into the dimly-lit Hall. A Bronze Warder--the massive minotaur automatons that safeguard the hall--stands nearby, and it is at attention though it has yet to act.

Roleplay: Throne Room Aftermath

As Erexsha approaches the throne, the Tauron Key locked into it shudders and resonates with pulse that is felt as much as seen. A moment later you realize the humming has stopped. The rhythm of the slamming floor plates has ceased, and Terios slumps to the floor unconscious.

((250xp each!))

Combat is over, what do you do?

Roleplay: Throne Room Combat Round 6

Terios - 16, slowed, marked by Cat

Cat lays into Terios with her greatspear trying to disable him.
((Melee basic @28, 8 damage))

Terios gives out a full-throating bellow of rage as he returns the attack, but he cannot penetrate Cat's iron defense. "Baphomet commands your death! Your blood will paint the walls!"

that's when the cavarly shows up
((Elurin and Erexsha, save vs prone))

The E-team's floor section slams back where it was, recompleting the hallway for the moment.


((Erexsha, Elurin, Baet, Alabrax, go!))

Roleplay: Throne Room Combat Round 5

"You did it Elurin!  Let's finish them off!"  Cat sticks it to the beastly Duoren.
((Rain of Blows @24, @27, @24 vs AC, 9+5+12=26 d-d-ddamage!))

And then Duoren falls!  Cat takes a sigh of religh and relaxes her stance just when a sword is narrowly deflected by her greatspear.  She gasps and turns to see Terior, his face sunken, his eyes gone milky white. "Terios, no!" she cries and she makes another rapid backhand swing, sloppy and poorly controlled.

The beast formerly known as Terios turns and grins at Elurin and Erexsha, just as CLUNK!  the floor beneath elf and deva slides hard to the west. CRASH!
((Erexsha and Elurin, save vs prone))


((Erexsha, Elurin, Alabrax, Baet, go!))

Roleplay: throne Room Combat Round 4

Asteron - 145, bloodied, quarry, marked
Duoren - 23
Cat - 39, bloodied, ongoing 5 psychic - save failed

Cat shifts back and spears at Asteron, pulling him closer to the others. ((Shift S, Footwork Lure CRIT, 14 damage and shift S again to E6, Asteron is pulled to D6 and Prone.))

Terios moves up and takes a swing at his former leader.  His teeth are grinding as he fights within himself. ((@26 vs AC,
14 damage))

Asteron stands and swings the rod at Cat again.  "Fall, stick-like elfwench!"
((Rod of Fury @25, 13 damage and ongoing continues))

The beastly undead Duoren slams another huge fist at Baet ((@25 vs AC, 11 damage))

CLUNK! CRASH! the hallway west of Alabrax's position shifts violently.


((Alabrax, Elurin, Erexsha, Baet, go!))

Roleplay: Throne Room Combat Round 3

Asteron - 102, bloodied, quarry, restrained, marked by Cat
Duoren - 14

Cat had ducked her head back just it time to avoid the sliding wall.  Now faced with a dead end, she and Terios rush back to find some way to aid their allies.  without hesitation both Cat and Terios vault the spiked pit and land near Elurin.  While Terios is recovering from the leap, Cat lets out a battle cry as she charges Asteron.  ((Charge @13 vs A's AC.))  It is an exceptionally poor attack.

With a sneer, Asteron swings his rod at Cat, connecting with a devastating boom. She recoils with a guttural screams, the damage of the rod is clearly more than simply physical. ((Rod of Rage @33 vs Cat's AC, 15 damage and ongoing 5 psychic.)) Asteron remains restrained.

Duoren steps forward to claw at the cloud of Baet swarming around her. ((shift south, Smash CRIT, 37 damage and knocked prone ))  The rotting minotaur woman makes a furious claws smash at the bugs buzzing around her, smashing as many as she can.  Her bulging muscles threaten to snap at the exertion.

There is another CLUNK and the floor under Alabrax slides over the pit, CRASH! bridging the gap between Erexsha and his allies with a twisted corridor.
((Alabrax, save vs prone))


((Erexsha, Elurin, Alabrax, Baet, go!))

Roleplay: Throne Room Combat Round 2

Asteron - 26, quarry, restrained

Cat and Terios similarly move into the hallway, stopping when they reach the precipice ((H4 and I4 respectively))  Terios is clearly fighting against something, grinding his teeth.

Asteron struggles against the roots that burst from the stone around him as he was struck by Erexsha's prayer.  Duoren growls in an animalistic way, some type of slime dripping from her foaming jaws.  "Patience, my pet." He says as he aims a rod at the deva across the pit.

((Ray of Torment @30(-2 restrained) vs will, 9 psychic damage and Erexsha is weakened, save ends))  A red beam strikes Erexsha and his mind swims with nightmarish images of horned demons, both taunting him for his inadequacies and showing him visions of his body being torn apart, over and over again.  They tell him how close his soul is to becoming a rakshasa and he doesn't even know it.  When he can see the room again he is surprised to realize barely seconds have passed.

That's when everyone hears a very loud CLUNK!  Erexsha and Elurin know that it's come from right below them and it jolts the deva fully into reality.  The floor the ranger is standing on lurches and slides very rapidly across the pit, leaving the spiked pit open between him and Erexsha.  With a SLAM! the floor jars hard against rest of the room.  Duoren's half-rotted face leers into a grin.
((Elurin, save vs prone!))


((Alabrax, Elurin, Baet, Erexsha, go!))

Roleplay: Throne Room Combat Round 1

1. Baet
2. Terios
2. Alabrax
3. Elurin
4. Cat
5. Erexsha
6. Asteron
7. Duoren

A 20' x 20' section of the floor in the center of the room lifts away with a clanking sound, leaving a pit in its place. 10 feet deep, the ground in the pit is littered with ancient rusted spikes.


((Baet, Alabrax, Erexsha, Elurin, go!))

Roleplay: Zaamduul's Throne Room

Elurin enters the hallway beyond the door. The temperature here is a little warmer, as though people have been living here recently, burning a hearth perhaps. 60' feet down is the opening in the north wall.